About us


GSARCH .LTD  is an   award winning international Architeture practice that focuses upon projects requiring innovative, multi-disciplinary solutions. It has developed particular skills in the domains of hospitality, urban planning, mixed use residential developments, interior design , private  housing, and in one-off iconic developments that tend to crystallize key issues and generate extra-ordinary values.

Founded in 2003 by Arch. Asaf Gottesman AA Dip RBA II, and Arch. Ami Szmelcman DPLG, GSARCH also specializes in concept development, partnering with highly qualified local practices and consultants to deliver a multi-tier products that go beyond the conventional architectural package.

In 2006 Asaf Gottesman began to  focus upon real estate development while continuing to work within GSARCH.

At the end of 2017 he withdrew from the GSARCH Partnership in order to commit himself fully to Architecture Led Developments and has formed an independent company under the name Gottesman Architecture .




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